Welcome to our online store

Posted by on 12/15/2017 to News
Welcome to our online store
Deal Mob...creating a way for consumers to have the benefits retailers do! Why pay marked up prices at retail stores? Why not pay what retailers pay for items? 

At Deal Mob, we have a very simple concept. Find great products that our customers need and sell them at cost. It's like having your own business without the need for licensing. You may be asking, "How can we sell everything at cost?" Simple! 

Membership access is what it is called. Our customers can become members of our site for $9.95 per month or one time payment of $75 for the year, which opens the flood gates to a HUGE variety of Wholesale items. Again, a membership allots you the ability to purchase items at the price retailers pay.  You can save hundreds, if not thousands, on items you would normally pay double if not triple for! 

Our membership covers the cost of doing business, with a small additional $1-$2 mark up. This minimal mark up cost is to cover the cost of paying our employees and running our day to day business. Which intern, allows us to maintain business and offer you access to our prices! Again no business licenses or fees, other than the membership fee and the small $1-$2 mark up on items you purchase. I know, sounds crazy right?! 

Our mission is to become the next Amazon or Groupon, but WAY more affordable for the everyday consumer. Our job is to find great deals offered to us, as a business, from manufactures all over the world. We then negotiate great prices and pass them on to our club members. We currently have hundreds of great items on our site now, but we plan on having thousands of items as soon as the end of December 2017! 

Take a look at a few of the great ways you can save with DEAL MOB below:

These stocking found on Amazon are $9.33 plus $6.94 for shipping. On our website its just $2.99 plus $2 shipping. See it on DEAL MOB HERE, and then see it on AMAZON HERE.

We are able to save you up to 90%. We are on the ground level and growing everyday. We would love to hear from our club members which products they would like to see on the site.